Saturday, 26 April 2014

April Favourites

So I thought I would get a head start on my monthly favourites post because I haven't really had chance to do them the last couple of months and I didn't want to miss out this time! I have had a lot of things I have been loving this month but I am going to try to keep this short.
I will start with make-up seen as though it is my most favourite thing ever. As you will have seen from a resent post, I have been absolutely loving the LA Colours Jumbo Eye Pencils, but my favourite one out of the ones I have has to be Cherry Blossom, I absolutely love it! I have worn it everyday for the past 2 weeks and still aren't bored of how it looks yet.. It is so creamy, looks beautiful and last such a long time. The foundations I have been loving this month are the Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous and the Rimmel Lasting Finish. I have been mixing these two together because it makes the right shade for me while I am tanned. They are absolutely beautiful together, they last a really long time, look amazing in photos and make me look flawless which is everything I want my foundation to do! The Last thing I am going to mention this month make-up wise are three lip products, the first one is the LA Colours Lipstick in the colour Keepsake, mixed with the Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick in the Colour Rose Shine and then the Dior Lip Fluid in number 445. It makes the most gorgeous nude colour that doesn't make me look washed out. I could have added a lot more make-up wise but I didn't want to go overboard. My Favourite brush this month has to be the Mac Duo Fibre Face Brush, it has made my foundation buff into my skin flawlessly, it is quick and easy, blends in so nicely I absolutely love it! A Nail Varnish I haven't had all month but have been obsessed with since I picked it up is the George Quick Dry Nail Varnish in 79 Cupcake. It is a beautiful colour and doesn't chip straight away like most nail varnishes do on me.
Two hair products I have been obsessed with this month is the Garnier Fructis I Love My Sleek Spray on Serum, this has the longest title. It makes my hair really shiny and smooth, it also smells amazing! Plus it says it has Argon Oil in which is a bonus. The next one is the TRESemme 24 Hour Body Sculpting Spray Gel. This makes my hair stay in place, it helps with the volume however the only thing I don't like about this is the way it comes out of the bottle, it kind of just shoots out, if that makes any sense at all! The very last thing I am going to mention is moisturiser. My favourite this month is the Nivea Soft Moisturiser, this stuff is amazing.. it makes me feel so soft and silky, it desnt make me feel sticky or make anything stick to me after i have applied it. I prefer this one to the normal Nivea cream because this is a lot thinner and easier to spread out and rub in.

Friday, 11 April 2014

My Holiday in the Philippines!

This is the reason I haven't been posting as much as I was supposed to.. Normally I would like to post twice a week, but it was pretty hard to do when I'm in such a beautiful place. The Philippines is the most unreal, gorgeous, hot place on the planet! When I saw pictures of where we were going and what we were doing it looked nice but I didn't think it would be like that in person. However, it really was so surreal! This is probably going to have to go between two posts because we jammed so much into the two weeks we were there! This post will probably be all of the places we stayed and then the next post all the activities we did. 
So we started off by flying from Newcastle Airport to Dubai Airport, then from there to Manila in the Philippines and then.. Finally we arrived at where we were staying after another flight to Davao City, where we got to stay in this gorgeous villa. It was private so we had the whole place to ourselves (pool included). I loved it here and wanted to stay, it was so gorgeous, air conditioned, which was an absolute must seen as though it was between 38-40 degrees! We stayed here for the first week which went so fast.. The days seemed long but that's because the sun rises at around 5 in the morning so I often woke up at that time. 

After the villa we flew to Cebu, another place in the Philippines, at the Eden Resort. It was absolutely stunning here, we had our own little seperate rooms with our own keys, it had a balcony over looking the beach and an on suite bathroom. This was a shared pool but it wasn't a very crowded place so we were normally the only ones in there anyway. Everyone here was extremely friendly when we were there as they love the English.. We stayed here for about 3 nights, while we were doing activities in Cebu.

After this we went to Bohol and stayed in the Linaw Beach Resort. This was just as beautiful as the rest, it was my dad's favourite here and I can understand why! It was a resort like the one in Cebu and my dads room was the bottom left door in the picture opening onto the pool.. Incredible on a morning! We only stayed here for about 2 nights, as this was more as a relaxing place but we did do we activities - which will be on the next post from the holiday. 

Before we flew home we squeezed in another place to stay but I don't have any pictures of this one because we were only there over night before we flew home. It was called The Heritage Manila Hotel and was beautiful, it was big and fancy like something out of a film, it's a shame I didn't take any photos, I think I was too tired at this point! I hope I haven't missed anywhere out because we did so much.
This holiday was honestly a holiday of a lifetime and I have my family to thank for making it even better! If anyone got a chance to go I would absolutely recommend you to stay any of these places. 

Thursday, 3 April 2014

LA Jumbo Eye Pencil Review

So I haven't had chance to post yet as I'm on holiday in the Phillipines.. Yes it's amazing! I will be doing a post about my time here, But I have missed writing so I'm glad I have finally got the chance to.

I wanted to talk about the LA Colours Jumbo Eye Pencils, there are a lot of these types of things out there now but not all at the same quality, these are honestly amazing! I have fallen in love. Although I only picked up three of the colours, I really wished I got more but I will defiantly be going back for the rest. They are so creamy and soft yet such good pigmentation and really inexpensive! 

The colors I picked up are: bronze shimmer, cherry blossom and irredescent light.. 

Bronze shimmer is so beautiful it's a bronzey gold shade and looks absolutely gorgeous on, cherry blossom is pink and glossy just as pretty.. Irredescent light, I was slightly disappointed about because I was hoping it was more visible, it's pretty but not very noticeable. 

The good thing about these is they don't move when they are on, they don't need setting with an eyeshadow and are so pigmented they can be worn on there own! I want more colours.. They have a wide range which I really good and I got mine from Boyes Uk and they were only £1! You can't say no to that!