Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Nails Inc. Capsule Colours Nail Varnish Review

This nail varnish collection is limited edition, it was brought out for the Christmas period and is still out now but I'm not sure how long it will be available for, so if you are wanting it, go and get it now.. 

It can be bought from Boots Uk for £52, however, it is on offer at the moment for £20 which is an unbelievable deal! These nail varnishes are normally around £11 each for the full size 10ml bottle. 

You get one full size bottle in the kit which is the Kensington Caviar Gel Effect Plumping Top Coat. 
The other 8 polishes are 4ml bottles, the shades you get are:
Baker Street - electric blue colour (my favourite) 
Basil Street - nude colour 
Phillimore Gardens - pale pink colour
Marylebone Passage - white/silver glitter, designed to go over all polishes for a sparkly finish. 
Chelsea Embankment - gold glitter 
Heddon Street - metallic burgandy shade 
Old Park Lane - metallic bronze 
London Mews - bright red colour 

I personally think these nail varnishes are worth the original £11 and would happily pay full price for another set, these are honestly amazing and beautiful colours! They go on really smooth and silky, you could get away with only wearing one coat, although I put two on to make sure it's really opaque. When you paint them, by the time you have got to the little finger on one hand the thumb has dried! It's so fast at drying its incredible.. 
They last really long on the nails but don't stain them when you take the polish of, they come off as easy as you apply them. 

It claims that 'Nails Inc. polishes are professionally formulated for a long lasting, high gloss finish' and you can really tell that!! I absolutely love them! Totally worth the money. They do exactly as they say and look incredable. 

The brand has a wide range of individual colours, many different effects and everytime I go I to boots I want to buy them all! 

Sunday, 9 March 2014

My Everyday Make Up Routine

So first I start off by using the Sen, Whitepure and Simple Kind to Skin Moisturiser, I just rub this into my face using my fingers.. This is very important to do especially if you have dry skin, I use them both for different reasons (I will be doing a review on my moisturisers soon)
I then go onto foundation, at the moment I'm loving the Estée Lauder Double Wear in 1C0 Shell so I often use that day to day, using a small amount and applying it with a stippling brush, going round in circular motions till it's blended in, I will then normally set it with Rimmel Match Perfection loose powder in Translucent, I like this powder because it's nicely milled, so doesn't cling to my dry patches.
Most days I don't  wear concealer, so I go straight to my brows after foundation, I will start by setting them with a clear mascara, I'm using the Technic Natural Lashes, then I use Rimmel mono eyeshadow in 033 dusk, to fill in the bottom of my brows and the outer edge, then I go in with Vital Radience Brow Fill-In Powder in 04 Brunette to fill in the front of my brows and blending both the colours together so it's not an obvious change, then to finish them off I set them with the same clear mascara so it's like a sandwich packing the colour in. 
My next step is eyes, depending on what I'm doing or if I'm in a rush is depending on whether I put eyeshadow on, generally I don't so I will either use a black eyeliner and do a simple cat eyeliner shape going from thin to thick or I will use the same Rimmel mono shadow I used for my brows (because it's already out) and smudging that along the lash line. I then curl my eyelashes, and apply plenty of mascara, I start with L'Oreal Mega Volume Collagene black smoke, then Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro glam and lastly Maybelline The Colossal Volume Express on the top lashes, I like them to look really long and full and for the bottom lashes I use Rimmel Sexy Curves and the same Maybelline mascara.. Seems a lot I know! That's because it is but that's how I like it. 

Favourite Moisturisers

Moisturisers are one of my favourite things to buy! I absolutely love them, I have so many it's unessassery, no body needs as many moisturisers as I have! But I can't help myself, when I go shopping I'm always looking for new ones to try.. However, I defiantly have my favourites out of the ones I have, ones I find work the best or have the best effect, they all work for me but in different ways that's why I love them so much. I have narrowed it down to 2 or 3 of each so I don't ramble on for to long, which I could easly do when it comes down to moisturisers.. 

The first ones I want to talk about is face moisturisers, people don't realise how important it is to moisturise before you do your make up, it makes such a difference in the look especially when you have dry skin. The ones I love are the, Sen Whitepure Serum, (it has a long name so I just shortened it) I love this because it's thin, it's a serum so it isn't as think as normal moisturisers but it also good for pigmentation marks on your face, I get red patches on my face so this helps with that. It balances out the pigmentation on your face but it has a lovely feel to it. My other favourite is the Simple Hydrating Moisturiser, I like this because it's really good for your skin, it has nothing bad in it so you know it won't damage or hurt the skin, it has Pro- Vitamin B5 & Vitamin E in it which is incredable good for the skin. It really like this, much like the other one it isn't that thick it's easy to rub in, a little bit goes a long way with this so I wouldn't use a lot of it - I have made that mistake loads of times! 

Next is the body one of my favourites is the Palmers Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks, this is amazing, stretch marks are a touchy subject for some people, me personally I hate the ones I have, I have them inbetween my legs which are from growing and a lot of people have them there for the same reason, it can't be helped, but still they arnt liked. This has Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Bio Elaste, these all help reduce the appearance of stretch marks, don't get me wrong I arnt saying it is going to get rid of them because it won't, but it does make them go a white shade. The Bio Elaste helps put the stretchy-ness back into the skin, it claims if you use it reguarly it improves the elasticity by 97%! This smells like Cocoa Butter and it thick but easy to rub in, I find it really moisturising, I like it a lot, I also got my brother onto it to aswell! The next one is a cheaper version than the Body Shop Body butters! it's from Wilkinsons and it's the Mango Body Butter, this smells amazing! It's so good, I love it it's really moisturising and last for a long time, you have to wash your hands after however, because it kind of cling to them.. Despite of that it's still brilliant. 
I couldn't resist myself of adding a third one in there, it's the Sen Mood Freshener, this is one of them moisturisers that make you feel all tingley and cold when you apply it,you feel like that for a while, if your to warm or are on holiday this would be prefect for you to take as it will cool you down. It actually does lift you up and make you feel good (if that makes sence).. It is Bamboo and Green Tea scented but when you smell it it just smells minty. If you apply this before you sleep it makes your skin feel amazing in the morning, the smell doesn't last to long which I think is a good thing as when you open it the smell is really strong. 

Lastly the is hand moisturisers, the first one is totally obvious, it's the Soap and Glory Hand Food, everyone knew that was coming.. I don't know anyone who has tried this and didn't like it! It's smells incredable, makes your hands really soft, but not greasy, the product itself lasts so long and is defiantly my number 1 hand moisturiser. The next one is the Nivea Smooth Nourishing Hand Cream, this is really good if you have dry hands, it's specialised for that. It drys really fast when your rubbing it in and still keeps your hands soft for a really long time.. I really do like this one aswell. 

Saturday, 1 March 2014

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