Thursday, 13 August 2015

50 Facts About Me | Chelsea Abbott

Hi guys! I thought this would be a fun little post to do, it was actually harder than i thought it would be, this may be a long post so I am just going to get started.. 

1) The number one fact about me has to be that i am obsessed with animals!
2) I am scared of all bugs and insects!
3) I <3 sweets, i have the biggest sweet tooth.
4) Monocrome is my favourite thing! My whole house is Black, White and Grey 
5) I treat my dogs better then people.
6) I'm a massive family person
7) I have 1 brown eye, and 1 green eye 
8) I have always wanted braces, i don't know why..
9) Silver jewellery is my jam! I love it.
10) I am newly engaged, exciting!
11) I went sea bed walking in the Philippines and it was incredable 
12) I love being in water/ the sea
13) I am so scared of heights 
14) I'm 19 years old and i have never died my hair
15) Bags are my thing. I am such a bag person
16) I am a middle child, I have an older brother, and a younger sister.
17) I <3 Autumn 
18) I was supposed to be born on my Grandad's birthday but instead i came out 10 days late.
19) I am a Make-Up Junkie 
20) I apparently drive like a rally driver (i don't agree)
21) I am such a shy person in real life
22) I have never broke a bone in my life, i am proud of that! LOL
23) I am obsessed with Disney films
24) Horror films scare me, i won't watch them
25) I really want to go ski-ing 
26) I have been to the Philippines twice and i love it
27) I <3 the Irish accent, i wish i had it
28) I love the Vampire Diaries!!
29) Walking my dogs is my favourite pass time
30) I love visiting new places and seeing different cultures
31) I have an obsessive personality, when i like something i become obsessed with it
32) Me, my sister and my old best friend from school, got chased by cows once, and it was soo scary! 
33) I pretty much live in leggings 
34) I get annoyed when people don't use manners
35) I have 2 turtles and had to swap their names around because i got their sex's wrong
36) I love walking around zoo's 
37) I really enjoy going shopping on my own
38) I like to think i am an organised person but really i am not
39) My favourite type of morning is the frosty cold but with the sun shining type of mornings
40) I am obsessed with reality TV
41) I really want to learn french! 
42) I would love to go to America, New York mainly 
43) I love watching Vlogs on YouTube
44) I am such a people watcher 
45) I have my own YouTube Channel if you want to check that out.. 
46) I love Christmas time!
47) I am vastly becoming a pen hoarder
48) I love pens!
49) I have been to Disney Land twice, because i am such a child at heart
50) I love candles

Thank-you so much for reading this!